The Legal Knowledge to Help You

At Frederick Law Office, PLLC. our attorneys D. Joleen Frederick and Daniel Frederick have the skill and experience to help you in several areas of the law. Together, with over 37 years of legal experience, you can rest assured that we can handle your legal problem.

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Automobile Accidents, Personal Injury & Insurance Claims

If you have been involved in automobile accident or have suffered personal injury caused by the fault of someone else you may be entitled to compensation for the cost of medical expense, property damage, lost wages and pain and suffering. We are experienced in representing clients in their personal injury and insurance claims both in and outside of Court. With an experienced attorney representing you the insurance company will take your claim seriously – let us help you today.

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Wills & Estate Planning

Two things in life are guaranteed: Death and Taxes. If you want to protect your loved ones after your death and ensure that your property accumulated during your lifetime is distributed according to your wishes - you need a Last Will and Testament. At Frederick Law Office, PLLC. we are experienced in preparing and drafting Wills, as well as representing the deceased’s family in Probate Court to administer the Will or Estate. If you do not have a Will, do not wait too late -  make an appointment with us today.

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Property Law

At Frederick Law Office, PLLC. we practice in several areas of property law. Most commonly known to our clients is that we draft and prepare Deeds, Mortgages, and other documents necessary to effectuate the transfer of Real Property. We also regularly perform Title Searches upon the Real Estate records in Morgan County, Rowan County, Magoffin County, and Menifee County. We also represent clients in Court in disputing the ownership of title or extent of boundary of Real Estate. If you are in need of a Deed, Mortgage, Land Contract or other document or legal counsel regarding issues of Real Property, contact us today.

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Criminal Defense

The attorneys at Frederick Law Office, PLLC. also practice in the area of Criminal Defense. Unfortunately the innocent are often accused and charged or indicted for criminal offenses they did not commit. These charges are serious, and if not taken seriously may result in the loss of your liberty, freedom and future. Convictions of Misdemeanor crimes can lead to the loss of a job or a damaging result in a background check. The conviction of a Felony charge can lead to the loss of your liberty, property, gun rights, job opportunities and your future – don’t face criminal charges alone – if you’ve been charged with crime and need legal counsel call us today.

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Family Law

Divorce and child custody proceedings are often frustrating, complicated and painful. We at Frederick Law Office, PLLC. have extensive experience in practicing family law. We represent clients in Family Court in divorce proceedings,  paternity proceedings, adoption and termination of parental rights proceedings, as well as proceedings to modify child custody, parenting time, as well as the drafting of prenuptial agreement and post-separation agreements. If you need legal counsel regarding any of these issues do not hesitate to call us today.

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Contract Law

Most people engage in contracts every day of their lives without being aware they have. A contract exists whenever two parties have decided that they will exchange something of value for something else of value, whether that thing of value is property, money or services. Often informal agreements between parties are not fulfilled as promised which creates additional legal problems that may require a Judge and Jury to sort out. However, by taking the time to consult with an experienced attorney to draft a written contract, you can eliminate risk and uncertainty in your agreement and reduce the likelihood that your agreement will fail. Here at Frederick Law Office, PLLC., we are experienced in drafting a multitude of contracts, whether those are employment contracts, construction contracts, or simple lease or sale contract. If you need legal counsel for the drafting of a contract or to represent your interests regarding contract issues in Court, give us a call today.